How does the Helfio health program work?


Comprehensive analysis of health parameters and adjustment of the appropriate program.


Personalization of the daily plan with monthly control and support from our specialists.


Help in building healthy habits by using the latest Real Time technology.

A scientifically proven solution created by doctors and specialists

Thanks to our knowledge and experience in the field of IT and medicine, we have achieved the impossible. The first medical application for improving metabolic health powered by artificial intelligence. Comprehensive non-pharmacological treatment in one application.


What health problems does Helfio address

Clinically proven methods for reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes

Research clearly shows that a well-personalized healthy lifestyle program reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes by:


Exceptional engagement rate confirmed by thousands of users

  • 70%

    users stay longer than 3 months

  • 40%

    users actively use the application every day

Health cannot wait

Start taking care of yourself now

  • by Damian Baczkiewicz

    A cool app for exercising, taking care of your mental and physical health!

  • by Katarzyna Tumala

    Unique application

    The app is very cool and helpful. It helps in changing your lifestyle, mobilizes you to exercise and eat healthier. After a month of use, you want and strive for positive changes. Great for me and my family.

  • by Alexander Niedziela


Questions? Answers.

We believe that there are no stupid questions, especially when it comes to health and all related topics. Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions. If something remains unclear or you think the topic has not been exhausted - write to us.

The subscription may be canceled at any time and will not be renewed for a further period. Unsubscribing is done in the phone settings.

Yes, you can use the 7-day trial period by authorizing through the apple or google system. If the user does not purchase a subscription after the trial period, access to the application will be limited.

Doctors and specialists are at your disposal only as support in the safe and effective implementation of the plan. They do not answer questions that deviate from topics unrelated to your health in the application.

Yes, but only after completing the survey in 100%. Without your thorough analysis and personalized plan, our specialists are not able to help you as you would expect.

Monthly control enables you to analyze your parameters and optimize the plan for you.

The application is integrated with apple health and google fit, i.e. it downloads data from each device that is synchronized with these platforms.